Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management, or pay per click advertising (PPC), involves investing in advertisements that position you prominently at the top of search engines when specific keywords are used in online enquires. There is a misconception this is only for large companies with bottomless pockets, but with the right research and targeted strategy, we can help you increase conversions for your business, even on a smaller budget.

It works by allowing you to bid on your chosen search terms in competition with other advertisers who will be doing the same to get customer eyes onto their websites and landing pages. While anyone can set-up a campaign, the system may seem complex and confusing to beginners and can lead to the wasting of valuable budgets, especially for smaller businesses.

At Top10Local we have been providing Google Ads Management services to both start-ups and established companies for years. We understand how the system works and work in tandem with our clients to build individual campaigns that maximise on returns.

Every campaign we manage is based on extensive industry research that enables us to plan our strategies accordingly. Using this data we then build detailed strategies based specifically on your company goals that will drive highly targeted visitors to your website.

Once traffic starts to arrive through the Google Ads account, our team will have clear sight on how the campaigns are performing. We then use that data to make informed decisions to optimise the account where needed, enabling us to drive more customers to the site at a cost effective price.

How our Google Ads Management service works

You are rewarded by views, so you only have to pay when you receive a click – which also means you will not have to pay when your ad is viewed. The main benefit of using this type of advertising is it reduces the time and energy spent trying to increase your organic ranking on various search engines. We help you to create the right bidding strategy, which means your business can appear right at the top of Google in a matter of minutes.

Our in-depth reporting system will reveal how you are performing individually as a company and how you are faring against direct competition. This information is crucial to the ongoing success of any campaign and gives you the edge in successfully maintaining your status on the first page of Google and other search engines.

The Google Display Network reaches up to 90% of all global internet users, giving you access to one of the largest audiences on the planet. Combined with the right bidding tactic, this will put your brand in-front of an ever-growing customer base ready to find out more about your products and services.

At Top10Local we understand that smaller businesses often do not have large budgets to commit to these campaigns and we help you to control your spending to maximise results. No matter what type of campaign you want to create, we have the experience and expertise you need to make it a lasting success.